Food Service Career Path

Handy Mart Food Service Career Path

Handy Mart believes in providing growth opportunities for employees who have what it takes to succeed at a higher level. All too often employees with other companies find themselves in a job that has limited opportunities for growth. This is not true at Handy Mart. Each position is designed to be a foundation for the next level. While many of our employees find that they are happy in their current roles, there are many others who demonstrate the desire to progress. If you have what it takes, we will put you on the path to SUCCESS!

At the bottom of this page you will see where the career path begins. No matter where your current experience level allows you to start on this path, we will strive to recognize superior job performance by assisting top performers to climb the very rewarding Handy Mart career ladder.

Food Service District Supervisor

The District Supervisor is responsible for the total operations of a group of Handy Mart food locations. In addition to having all of the qualities of a successful Food Service Manager, this person must have the leadership ability to manage multiple food service locations. The Food Service District Supervisor is responsible for training Food Service Managers, enforcing policies and procedures, recruiting Food Service Managers and assisting Food Service Managers with day-to-day operations.

Food Service Manager

Responsible for food service location operations, effective, efficient and profitable execution of the Handy Mart and/or Branded Food mission.

The perfect Food Service Manager must have previous people management experience and be able to develop and support a people-focused culture. Candidate must be people-oriented, self-motivated, possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills, be flexible and customer-focused. Previous management experience of fast food, restaurant, retail or convenience store operations is desired.

Food Service Assistant Manager

Food Service Assistant Manager (FAM) is responsible for the operation of their assigned food service area. The perfect FAM will have the ability to direct, train and develop the food service employees so that all company goals and standards are met.

Food Service Associate (full or part-time)

Responsible for providing customers with fast, friendly service and maintaining quality production standards of food preparation. Duties include but not limited to:

  • Preparing and serving food
  • Ringing accurate register transactions
  • Keeping a clean and sanitary work area
  • Maintaining a generally neat appearance

Someone who is people-oriented, self motivated, dependable and able to work effectively in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a great attitude will be successful in this role.